Femme surrealiste - Peinture par Antoine Giasson

« Ma peinture est
un hymne à
le beau,
le cohérent,
le complexe &
le flamboyant »

Antoine Giasson
Peinture par Antoine Giasson - Le coeur au clous

De Montréal, Peintre professionnel. En 2008, il a complété un Baccalauréat en Beaux-Arts de l’Université Concordia avec honneurs. Il a exposé peintures/Dessins dans plusieurs expositions solos et de groupe à Montréal/Toronto. Ses tableaux font partis de plusieurs collections privées au Québec/Ontario

ARTIST STATEMENT: Antoine Giasson lives and was born in Montreal. He completed a BFA with honors in studio Arts, from Concordia University, in 2008. He has been exhibiting his work in solo or group shows for the past (20) years.

Where do we come from? Who are we? and Where are we going?

Are essential questions at the basis of his creative process. This quote has been taken from Gauguin’s painting title of 1897-98. The Artist must question himself about who he is in terms of humanity and how does his work places itself in the long run of Art history. All his work follows the same creative process. The final result is obtained through an elaborate work in progress. Large scale paintings are his medium of predilection. The impact of vibrant contrasted colors on the eye are part of his quest of representing the most as possible joyous & dynamic energy. Throughout his compositions there is a symphonic feel, often compared to music. For this reason, the viewer can often dive in whitin the composition, through the many overlapping of different picture planes. The idea of overlapping comes from the notion of representing many dimensions in one picture plane. In this sense, you can always look at it differently, depending on your state of Mind, your knowledge or your taste. The final work has to be structured with a solid, complex, balanced, lyrical composition. The ideal of Beauty and Absolut are notions used throughout the creative process. Why express the ideal of Beauty? Because it is the only way to express my knowledge of Life. Life and it’s echoed question of «Who are we», always resonates in me. The expression of Beauty is a striving quest to get better in it’s representation. Beauty and Life both have the same unsolved mystery in our understanding. This is the only way for me to push the Art History boundaries, express my own individuality, and be thankfull for being alive.

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