Femme surrealiste - Painting by Antoine Giasson

« My painting is
a hymn to
the beautiful,
the coherent,
the complex &
the flamboyant »

Antoine Giasson
Painting by Antoine Giasson - Le coeur au clous


I am so I paint.

Visual Artist and Entrepreneur, Antoine Giasson lives and works in Montreal. He is recognized for his large scale, vivid, abstract paintings. Antoine Giasson has been showing his work in solo and group exhibitions in Montreal and Toronto since 1995. In 2008 he graduated from Concordia University with a BFA with Distinction in Studio Arts.

With the idea of bringing Art to people, he has exhibited, organised and curated group exhibitions of university Arts students, in disaffected in-situ environments.

Over the years through his participation in “Les Journées de la Culture” he also orchestrated Art events with social components either with youths from “Dans La Rue” or homeless from “Accueil Bonneau”.

In 2017 he has Founded “Atelier Galerie 2112”. The Gallery has been hosting numerous and ongoing solo and group exhibitions of talented and mainstream Montreal Artists.

In 2018, “Atelier Galerie 2112” joined the Great Adventure of “Art Cible” and since then hosted numerous monthly PopUp events.


For Antoine Giasson, painting on wide canvases with bright colors and lively compositions is an act of gratitude towards Life, an ode of Joy, and an ever ending evolving quest of understanding our common human condition in a blooming state of mind. His subject matters are immaterial and discuss ideas above our senses. Philosophical, metaphysical and existential queries are his main painting themes.

  • Who are we?
  • Where do we come from?
  • Where are we going?

The Artist questions himself about who he is in terms of humanity, and how can he Create and materialize the idea into a painting? In order to achieve his quest to Create existential paintings, Antoine Giasson finds an area within himself in continuous contact with the present, where he can find harmony and authenticity in a Creative state of mind. He works on serial compositions where Time does not exist, where microcosme connects the infinity, where order confronts chaos, where vacuity attracts fulliness, where the plurality of dimensions appear on a same picture plane, where movement and steadiness jostle, where light and darkness avoid, where no measuring scales exists.The idea of overlapping in a same composition comes from the notion of representing many dimensions in one picture plane. In this sense, the viewer can always look at the Artwork differently, depending on his state of Mind, his knowledge or his taste. The impact of vibrant contrasted colors, the use of organic forms, the play of light and shadow, “Push & Pull”, transparencies are all theoretical notions employed by the Artist to achieve paintings that have a vibrant, energetic and joyous effect on the spectator’s eye.

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